Initial Teacher’s Training (ITT) Program

Parents have high expectations from preschools in terms of compliance with the standards of teaching methods and delivery. But one of the major challenges faced by preschools in India is availability of quality teachers. Today, many preschools lack dedicated and trained teachers.

    The ITT curriculum is available in both classroom-coaching model as well as online. It covers:
  • Different aspects of early childhood and the development there in
  • Models of education like the Montessori, Reggio Emilia, Steiner, Multiple Intelligence and the Kindergarten methods
  • Hands on training
  • Regular tests and assessments
  • Workshops on child psychology
  • Team building projects
  • Portfolio preparation
  • Spoken English module

Glentree Academy “Learning for Life”(K-12, CBSE School)

With the huge success of the Little Elly chain of preschools in India, it was the most natural decision to launch a K – 12 school to enhance the value proposition and advance the vision. Glentree Academy operates on the philosophy of “Learning for Life”. The school distinguishes itself as a socially responsible institution. Through its core value system, it provides practical life skills that are integrated with academic learning. Here the child’s aptitude is built through intimate connections with nature. He/she happily acquires conventional competence whilst playing in a setting that encourages uninhibited and limitless ideas. Glentree Academy’s commitment is to set an example of sustainability and environmental awareness through its curriculum, recycling programs and purchasing decisions.

Elly Child Care (ECC) – Corporate Daycare

Today, corporates are doing all they can to empower their women workforce. With a focus on inclusion of women at workplace and helping them maintain a healthy work-life balance, many companies are considering options of providing corporate daycare for the children of their employees. Elly Child Care offers customized solutions for the employees. It ensures that the little one is in safe and professional care while the parents are away at work. The centres have a unique approach and an integrated curriculum to mentor meaningful, experiential and creative learning for the child.