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Welcome to Little Elly – A World of Joy

Little Elly, a pre-school was born with the desire to nurture the child and lay a foundation for a learned society.

Little elly

A noble initiative of Learning Edge India Pvt. Ltd. in association with Glen Tree, UK (pioneers in serving the learning needs of Kids for the last one decade) Little Elly follows the system where every child gets to learn without being made to feel he/she is being taught.

We at Little Elly strongly believe the early years of childhood are wonderful years and therefore crucial for their information. In fact it has been established through numerous studies that the first five years are the most formative years for a child’s all round development though each child has his or her own pace to learn and pick up skills.

Little Elly aspires to make the child’s initial and most formative years memorable by being the caring adult who will share the responsibility with parents for creating genuine love for learning in each child at the formative stage.

Our Milestones

Pre-school learning In the year 2004, Global Learning System Private Limited, who are into the field of Publishing Children’s Books for over 26 years and marketing the world’s Best Educational Aids to Parents, Teachers & Students, across the globe ventured into Pre-school business in India on the same line of Salmiya play school – Kuwait,,started by Mrs Preeti Bhandary with some modification and new ideas suitable to Indian conditions in the name of Little Elly.

  • Memorandum of Understanding signed with Glen Tree UK for technical and curriculum inputs and support.

  • Three company owned centers were opened to reach out to the kids of different economic and social backgrounds at Bangalore City.

  • M/s, Learning Edge India Private Limited formed to give a greater thrust and focus in Pre-school business by the promoters of Little Elly … to take over the Pre-school business from M/s Global Learning System Private Limited.
    The first Franchisee centre opened at BTM II Stage (Bangalore) to understand the Franchisee management and challenges.

  • Other than our regular in-house training, Little Elly organizes periodical workshops to our teachers on different skill areas by trained professionals. Our Panel of Curriculum Advisers includes Mrs.Sumitha Mukherjee (Renowed Montessorian), and Mr. Guru Nadkarni (Trainer and Educational Consultant).
    Business Advisory Board set up consisting of Mr.Vittal Bhandary- CEO, Learning Edge, Mr.Aalok Wadwa – IIMB, Tahir Rafiq, MD, Glen Tree UK and Dr Idrees Rafiq, MD, Mayfair Investments, UK.

  • Curriculum Advisory board headed by Mrs. Preeti Bhandary (Director) functions from the Corporate Office at Koramangala, Bangalore.
    Number of branches rose to 15.

  • Number of Little Elly branches increased to 24.

  • Little Elly reached the major mile stone of 100 centers in 2013. Today we are in 6 states, with over 110 centers.

Our Vision & Mission

Our aim is to be a global leader in the field of early childhood education.

Little elly

Is to create an institution where children can learn in a dynamic challenging environment, which fosters in them strong moral values and a passion for learning.

We believe that learning is a lifelong process and that every child is unique and special. Every child can be guided at his or her own pace in an environment which demonstrates love and acceptance.

We seek a strong foundation for our children. We believe in making Teaching a Joy and Learning a Pleasure. We offer a stimulating combination of academic, artistic and practical activities in a caring environment, where every child gets to learn without being made to feel that he or she is being taught.


We have designed the center keeping children in mind, with their needs kept foremost with following facilities:

Classroom and Play Equipment

We use international level of toys, books, activities and games in our various activity centers to offer a highly stimulating and age appropriate learning environment to facilitate the natural development process.

Toilets and toilet training for kids

Each program’s main room usually has its own attached toilet, which is inspected several times during the day to ensure cleanliness. For infants and young toddlers we provide potty seats to facilitate toilet training.

Day Care

A great relief for working mothers! Day care facility will be provided to children who are enrolled in Little Elly or otherwise for children above 4 years. This facility is available from 12 noon to 6.30 pm. We provide both for Monthly as well as on a per Day basis, as we do understand our world.

Initial Teachers’ Training

Once selected, our teachers go through an intensive training program to understand our teaching philosophy and to be kept up-to-date with the latest trends in teaching and early childhood development. They are given ongoing training in child psychology as well as an understanding on how children grow, develop, and learn and apply these principles to practical classroom teaching methods that include the following:

  • Principles and practices in pre-school education (Maria Montessori, Froebel, Steiner, Piaget, Reggio, Glenn Domain, Gardner)
  • Child growth (milestones, psychological perspectives, growth stimulation, hands-on training)
  • Development and learning
  • Curriculum studies and pedagogy
  • Behavioral observation and screening
  • Safety, health and nutrition
  • Parent and teacher behavior
  • Teaching aids
  • Pre-school storytelling
  • Art and craft

Methodology and Curriculam

Our curriculum aims to develop the whole child, primarily focusing on children’s physical, intellectual, emotional and social development.

The unique feature of our syllabus is that, it is innovative, thematic and skill based. It is a combination of integrated concepts that provides hands on (Montessori Method) and exploratory (Rudolf Steiner Method) which makes learning fun and enjoyable.

Concept Development

At little Elly, the teaching of concepts are formulated through activities, songs and games. And a variety of hands on experience through which the child can explore and learn about the world around them.

Fine Motor Co-ordination

Children are introduced to some of the materials in the motor skills room. In this area, kids are welcome to practice every day skills that work on fine-motor skills, eye-hand coordination. Fine motor skills are the basis for the preparation of the hand. Fine motor skills development at Little Elly has a wider role than just writing – they are a necessity for daily living: dressing, eating, etc.

Formal Work Preparation

Reading is the foundation of all learning. We have a range of exciting activities to help children acquire pre-reading and reading skills

Music and Movement

It is observed that music and movement helps the child to have longer attention spans, which helps to improve the listening abilities and the development of language and Vocabulary skills. This period will be fun time for the child and they will love it.

Creative Arts

Mixing colors, scribbling across a black board, painting and shaping objects – may look amusing to adults, but they are a great way to teach new way of thinking, creating and communicating with images as well as words.

Mathematical concepts

Kids are never too young to start learning math skills. Our math’s program allows hands on exploration, active investigation and the use of manipulation. Counting, sorting, and even working puzzles are all important first steps to a solid learning.

Field Trips

Since children learn best through direct experiences, LE organizes outdoor field trips like visit to the fire station, Supermarket and Parks for our young explorers.

Our Management team

We are great team in field of education

Little elly

Vittal Bhandary

Founder and Managing Director

Vittal is the visionary lead for the organization. His entire working life has been centered on child development. In the last twenty five years he has been leading multiple initiatives in bringing learning and development to the young citizens.He has led businesses in children publications, learning aids, pedagogy support, early schooling and daycare. Since the turn of the century Vittal has focused on Preschool and childcare, bringing the best of the world to the Little Elly environment.

Little elly

Preeti Bhandary

Co-founder Little Elly

Preeti represents and promotes Little Elly’s mission and values. She is widely trusted; is seen as a direct, truthful individual. A post graduate in Child psychology and Education, she has a rich twenty year career exposed to a variety of aptitudes and skills including the natural ability for working with children and the power to create effective teaching methods in a suitable learning environment.

Little elly

Aalok Wadwa


Aalok Wadhwa is a management professional with 25 years of hands-on experience. He is a Graduate in Economics (Honours) from St. Stephen’s College, Delhi, and has done his post-graduation in management from the Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore. Over the last twelve years, he has been heading the India operation of renowned publishing companies including LexisNexis Butterworth and Encyclopedia Britannica where he has been deeply involved in intensive content creation and publishing, both in print and on-line media.

Little elly

Charmine Tahir Rafiq


Charmine who is based out of Dubai is also responsible for Teachers training vertical of Little Elly (ITT). She has a rich fifteen year career, split equally between India and the UK. Her cross cultural experience in large and medium enterprises helps the group drive its operational goals. A task master with an eye for detail, she has consistently raised the bar on the parental expectations from the school. Complementing her professional affiliations, Charmine also heads the CSR initiative of Learning Edge and works closely with the NGO.

Parent Corner

In the interest of smooth operation of the center to provide the best possible care and safety, and ensure good citizenship, the following policies are in place:


First day at School

On the first day the parent will accompany the child to LE. Check out what interests the child. Once the child is taking interest on an activity and gets busy with some activity, the parent can leave. The child may cry as soon as he/she realizes that the parent is not around. We assure that we will call the parent if the child is crying for long.

Sometimes the child enjoys the activities on the 1st day and cries a lot on the second day or following week. Don’t be alarmed. Just talk in a re-assuring manner and make the departure quickly. If the parent says bye & then lingers if the child cries, this teaches the child that crying will keep a parent longer. Parting may be difficult for both child and parent, and the teacher understands.

For Your Child’s Comfort

Infants and Young Toddlers should be sent to school in diapers. Parents must also ensure adequate diaper supplies are provided to school at all times. Our teachers keep checking frequently to ensure diapers are clean and dry and change them regularly. Potty training is started when we assess the child to be ready.

As little children are prone to spills and accidents, we request that parents keep 2 changes of clothes in the school at all times.In the interest of keeping the school safe from infections for all children, the parents are requested to not send their child to school if she displays any of following symptoms:

  • Sore throat or cough
  • Runny nose
  • Aches in head or stomach
  • Any skin rashes
  • Upset stomach
  • Fever
School Hours-Pick up and drop

Parents are requested to respect the timings of the school. Please drop and pick up the child on time. None other than 16 year of age is authorized to pick up a child from LE campus. Anyone other than a child‘s parent must show proper identification to be able to pick up the child with prior intimation to LE by parents. Transport facility may be offered in selected LE (as outsourced service from experienced service providers)

Dress code

  • LE provides T-shirts for every child
  • This is not a uniform, but please make sure that on field trip day child should wear the LE T-shirt.
  • Children should be neatly dressed.
  • Please dress your child in a comfortable, clean and easy to take off clothing (for the bathroom).
  • Keeping a spare dress (in a polythene bag) is advised.
  • Children must not wear any gold jewelry or bring any valuable item to school. School will not be responsible for losses.

Parental responsibility

Children who come with you or an adult authorized by you must deliver them to Little Elly’s staff. Your child will be sent only with the adult who will possess the authorization from the parents. If not, he/she will not be handed over

Please notify the staff if your child is going to be absent for any reason.

If the child is absent due to illness or any other reason for more than 3 days, parents are requested to inform LE or notify us in writing.

Parental participation in the school is very important to us. Parent visits and feedback are important and welcome at all times.

School closure may result when there are severe weather conditions or any political or social problems/strikes

Speaking to the adult/teacher at the time of dropping or while picking up your child or during school hours is not permitted. You must call the office and make prior appointment to meet the respective teacher at both your convenience.

Change in telephone numbers or address should be reported to the office immediately. Your child’s safely in the event of an emergency could depend on the accuracy of this information.

Anything requiring our immediate attention has to be notified to the office.

Please check the child’s bag for circulars or last minute changes in plans. Children should be dressed in comfortable clothes.


Field Trips and Picnics

Field trips will be scheduled on specific days. You will be notified well in advance. In case of illness please do not send your child.

All children must dress up in their Little Elly T- Shirts and jeans pants with socks- shoes on the field trips, picnic or any outing.

Snacks and personal belongings

We believe that children need healthy food for their growth and development; hence snacks that are nutritional are always recommended. Please avoid chips and chocolates to school.

With regard to personal belonging of the child the school will not be responsible for any property lost. To avoid such losses make sure that everything that the child carries are properly labeled.

Birthday at LE

We celebrate LE kid’s birthday in our unique style. The child can bring chocolates to distribute among their class. Any kinds of gifts to fellow child/teacher are strictly not permitted.

LE Dairy

LE dairy is given to the child primarily to make the communication easy for both parent and teacher. Every weekend the diary will have some simple activity for the child.

Parent Tip's

Parenting is one of the most interesting and rewarding experience of our life. So we need to spend considerable time preparing to bring our children into the world.

Indeed, raising children today is arguably challenging then ever before. It is therefore justifiable on their part to be well versed with the latest trends, gadgets and wares that one needs to be equipped with to be a ‘good’ parent. Besides fulfilling the primary requirements that child needs which is, love, care, food, clothes and shelter a good parent will help the child to succeed in life.

A child’s behavior and needs change in different stages of his life. A toddler’s needs are different from a pre-teens and a teenager has his own set of unique needs. The role of a parent is of utmost importance as the child looks up to his parents. Therefore it is essential for parents to monitor the behavior of the child, understand his unique needs and come up with solutions to the problems he faces.

In this section, we will focus on the common issues facing preschoolers (Children in the age group of 1.10-5 years). We will also dwell on the steps a parent needs to take for a child’s well being. A healthy parent-child relationship will ultimately reflect on the child making him a well-rounded individual.

Parenting Guidelines

Parental warmth, care and acceptance are pivotal ingredients in effective parenting. Never belittle your child for he/she will learn to resent you. Kiss your child, pat him, hug him/her and say “I love you”. Establish a regular weekly routine for doing something special with your child, even if it’s just going out for a walk in the park.

Be an active listener. Encourage questions and probe when needed. Showing your willingness to listen will make your child feel more comfortable about opening up to you.Introduce your child early to age appropriate books by reading them a story, or showing some good pictures. This will build a strong foundation to early reading skills. They say “lap university is the best university”

Encourage your child to take up a hobby or sport that they will enjoy them to let loose and have fun not something too competitive.

Parents’ FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions


1. What do you mean by “Concept Preschool”?

In a Concept Preschool there are different rooms or spaces set aside in the environment that allows easy access to a variety of learning materials in an interesting and productive manner. These rooms are designed to enhance the learning of basic concepts (like size, colours, shapes, numbers, And counting), skills, themes or topics.

The concept rooms are usually designed to offer a variety of materials, designs, and media through which students can work by themselves or with others to operationalize the information learned in the classroom. Such concept rooms also help the children to be more willing to engage in the activities. In short a concept Preschool will have self-contained rooms in which students engage in independent and self-directed learning activities.

2. How is your school different from the other preschools?

The Little Elly Preschool Program is unique from many of the other preschool programs out there because it makes use of multi-age curriculum to guide your child throughout the preschool years.Other preschool programs often work in one of two ways: either they cater specifically to one preschool age group or they have a general curriculum that is supposed to work for all kids, whether they are 2 or 5.

Little Elly combines these methods with a set of age-based curriculum options that allow your child to move from one developmental phase to another within a single program. This accommodates the learning changes that take place during the preschool years while still allowing for a connection between curriculums’ that facilitates learning.

There are three different curriculums; a playgroup for age two, nursery for age three and kindergarten for age four – six curriculum. Each part of the program notes the particular needs of your child at that age, giving him (or her) the skills necessary to complete the program successfully. Within each curriculum are a variety of different tools to make learning work for all children. And each curriculum leads easily into the others so that the entire program can be easily followed.

The Little Elly Program can be started at any preschool age. As the child gets older, it allows for kindergarten preparation and helps the child to get ready for all of the school years to come. If the child isn’t quite ready to move on to the age-appropriate part of the curriculum, we can always backtrack to get him caught up to where he needs to be. This helps us to identify any areas in which the child might be lacking so that we can better assist him in meeting his educational needs in the future.

3. Why do you have a blend of both Montessori Method and Kindergarten method in your curriculum?

The Montessori approach is a kinesthetic educational model in which the entire child’s senses are employed is emphasized, and allowing a child to pursue his or her interests without interruption is a basic tenet, as is learning through discovery rather than rote memorization. Learning is highly individualized on a per student basis. This model directs children to improve concentration, self-motivation and self-discipline.

In the kindergarten classroom there is more of a shared experience; the kids enter together as a group and learn together as a group. Children are involved in their own learning and link new ideas to their prior knowledge and share what they’ve learned are well on their way to becoming successful learners.

4. What does Little Elly symbolize?

Elly is a cute little pink elephant you will ever see! It symbolizes the first step towards Independence. It acts as a mascot, who will be a learning companion for the child at every stage. Elly will help his friend to be cheerful, successful and independent – able to function in the real world, a demanding place.

Ask an Expert

Experts giving right advice and instructions

Common Problem seen in Children


Bedwetting is a very tricky problem. Sometimes kids as young as 1 year old stop wetting their beds. But sometimes they continue to do so even at the age of 5 -6. It’s very difficult to decide when to seek a professional help or guidance.

I feel, it’s normal to sometimes wet beds. Many kids wet their beds involuntarily and is not a cause for concern when done occasionally. But if bedwetting happens frequently beyond 5 -6 years, then it could be a sign of some problem. Some of the main causative factors behind bedwetting are:

  • Under developed bladder control: in some kids, the bladder control is not age appropriately developed. Sometimes they even fail to feel the sensation of bladder being full. They only feel the urge when the pressure is too hig h to control for another second.
  • High liquid intake just before bed time: many children drink warm milk just before they sleep. While warm milk induces sound sleep, it may also cause the bladder to get full in the middle of the night.
  • Cold weather: bedwetting problem increases during monsoons and winters. Many children kick away their blankets and then wet their beds due to the cold.
  • Stress: loss of someone dear, being bullied at school, some underlying phobia, threat of some impending doom or experience of a bad accident are some of the situations that can a dd a lot of stress to a child’s life.
  • Too early training: when children are trained too early, they learn that they need to depend more on their own ability to manage toileting and less on their parents. Such children do not like to use the toilet when asked by parents, because they feel they can manage.


Fingersucking is very commonly seen in most of the preschoolers. In many kids it is limited to thumb, but other 4 fingers, especially index finger and middle finger are also seen going very often in the mouths.

When infants put their fingers in their mouth, it doesn’t cause anxiety in parents’ minds. But when toddlers and preschoolers do the same, it causes a lot of anxiety and embarrassment in parents. Most of the times children are told not to do so and when children continue to mouth their fingers, it compounds parents’ concerns. Perhaps, if as parents we realize that no mouthing is without any reason, we would be able to look at the reasons before trying to stop the behaviour.

Fingersucking means different things for a foetus, infant and toddler. Many babies are seen putting their fingers in their mouth when they inside the womb. They do it for sheer pleasure. Infants do it to satiate their sucking instincts. That’s why infants who are breastfed less are more prone to sucking their finger. Developmentally, by the time babies start taking solid food, their sucking needs fade and they neither crave for breasts, nor bottles nor fingers. So when a toddler is mouthing his fingers, it’s definitely not developmental and needs to be looked into.

Post Your Query to Psychotherapist

Any concerns regarding your children can be posted to our psychotherapist and special educator Ms.Aanchal Agrawal who has specialized in Learning disabilities and child development. She has been working with team of psychiatrists, pediatricians and school teachers. Being a gold medalist in Psychology from Benares Hindu University, she offers consultations for behavioral, developmental and learning problems in children. She is also a freelance writer.

You can post your queries related to common problem seen in children to expert@littleelly.com


Admission criteria and procedure for you child is simple

Eligibility Criteria

  1. Play Group: 1 yr 8 months to 2 yrs 8 months
  2. Nursery: 2 yrs 8 months to 3 yrs 8 months
  3. Lower Kindergarten: 3 yrs 8 months to 4 yrs 8 months
  4. Upper Kindergarten: 4 yrs 8 months to 5 yrs 8 months
  5. Day Care: 2 yrs – 10 yrs
  6. Activity Hub: 2 yrs – 10 yrs

Be our Franchise

Why a Franchise

  • These days the success ratio of business has come down rapidly due to heavy competition and lack of expertise
  • Especially in playschool industry one has to be well trained and accommodated to deal with children
  • Now a day’s parents are very keen to part only with branded playschools as we follow international standards and take the almost safety precautions in all aspects
  • By becoming a Franchisee, you are legally allowed to use the brand name, logo, technical know – how ,Curriculum, concepts and other services that are offered by us

Benefits being a Little Elly franchisee

  • You can be part of Little Elly’s family and celebrate happy franchising
  • You get professional support ensuring guidance in your day to day operations.
  • You can use the brand name, which is well known to parents, instead of spending your time and money to create the one.
  • Sound marketing and branding support

Our Support

  • Pre – Launch Support
  • Setting up Support
  • Post launch support
  • Training support

  • Ongoing support
  • Marketing Support
  • Branding support
  • ERP support

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