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We recognize you are entrusting your child’s foundational development to us and we hold ourselves accountable for it.
We don’t teach; we help your child learn.
We take specific approaches to ensure your child falls in love with wanting to learn and is excited about coming to school.
We ensure your child’s overall foundational development and set the stage for your child to face the real world.

Our Programs



Toddler/ PlayGroup

Early Learning Program - helps child to listen, communicate, hold conversations




Nurtures creativity, builds curiosity



Kindergarten (LKG, UKG)

Encourages to ask questions, seek answers, solve problems, interaction


After School Program

After School
Program/ Daycare

Foundational Development beyond academics


The Little Elly Approach

The Early Learning Program helps with language and literacy. It encourages your child to:

  • Communicate his/her experiences, ideas and feelings by speaking.
  • Listen with understanding, follow directions, conversations and stories.
  • Exhibit interest in reading.

The Motor Skills Room provides the child with opportunities to :

  • Exhibit curiosity, creativity, self direction and persistence in learning situations.
  • Engage in activities that he/she selects or creates.
  • Demonstrate self direction in use of materials.
  • Make independent decisions about what materials to work with and will get and use the materials he/she needs.

The Art Corner and Stage Area provides the child with opportunities to :

  • Exhibit curiosity and explore functioning of materials.
  • Create (imagine, experiment, plan, make, evaluate, refine and present/exhibit) works that express or represent experiences, ideas, feelings and fantasy using various media.
  • Represent fantasy and real-life experiences through pretend play.
  • Engage in musical and creative movement activities.
  • Describe or respond to his/her own creative work or that of others.

The Classroom Discussions on various topics and themes help the child to :

  • Express wonder, ask questions and seek answers about the natural world.
  • Recognize and solve problems through active exploration, including trial and error and interacting with peers and adults.
  • Organize and express his/her understanding of common properties and attributes of things.

The Outdoor Play Area gives the child opportunities to :

  • Engage in a wide variety of gross-motor activities that are selected by him/her and initiated by the teacher.
  • Use a variety of materials that promote eye-hand coordination and small-muscle development
  • Demonstrate spatial awareness in gross-motor activities.

After School Program (ASP) – not just Daycare

We follow a modular, theme based curriculum to complement your child’s overall development - we are not just a daycare!

  • We focus on building social skills with children as young as one year old - a critical skill for later years
  • Toilet training is given to those that require it
  • All activities focus on behavior improvement, social skills and character building - we help build better individuals and citizens
  • We encourage the child to be independent and help them develop fine and gross motor skills - parents are amazed at their child’s improvement!
  • At predetermined intervals, every child’s health is monitored to ensure they eat healthy and are conscious of health. Junk food is a no-no!
  • Equal focus is given to physical activities - ensuring the child’s energies are managed well before the parents pick them up at the end of their tiring work day
  • We help the child improve cognitive skills, concentration and vocabulary - getting them ready for the rigors of later years education
  • Older children are supported with their home work - relieving parents of this arduous task at the end of a hard work day
  • For children from other schools, parents are informed, once their child reaches our school - giving them peace of mind
  • We maintain a robust system to keep parents abreast of their child’s daily progress – giving parents comfort

Contact us, or better yet, drop in with an appointment – we’d love to show you around – and you will see why we are leaders in Electronics City.

Our Address

#29, ORCHIDS PARK, Opposite Genesis Ecosphere,
Neeladri Road, Neeladri Nagar, Dodda Thogur,
Electronic City Phase 1,Electronic City,
Bangalore - 560100