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About Us

We are one of the best PRE- schools you could have ever found in this area. We have a team of experienced staff members who are passionate about their work. Our pre-school has a well-maintained infrastructure with the hygienic environment that will be best suited for your children. Your children will get into classrooms full of toys, fully ventilated and lively. Parents who have sent their children to our school are satisfied with our quality of service and attention we provide towards child development. This center has the talent to stimulate strong skills and long-lasting passion for your child development that will be in a challenging and dynamic environment. We have efficient staff members to give personal attention to your kid. We believe that pre-school should be preferred before a normal school for the getting socialize and friendly with other children easily. They will be under supervision all the time. Our teachers are specially trained for dealing with kids with lots of patience. We offer child wonderful infrastructure and playgrounds that will be loved by your children from the first day itself. Important: This is the only center to provide GPA Insurance policy for all kids and staff.

Our Programs


The Playgroup Program is suitable for children of 2+ years


The Nursery Program is suitable for children of 3+ years


The Kindergarten program is suitable for children of 3-5 years

Center Head

Center Head

Banashankari 2nd Stage


    Center Head - BSK 2nd Stage ANUSHA C K, is a BE graduate. Her love for children encouraged her to give up her corporate career as a JAVA developer and pursue her passion. She has worked in various leadership positions during her carrier. Her passion to do something in early childhood education inspired her to be part of LITTLE ELLY family. She has also worked significantly towards training many software engineers for continuous development. Having an expertise in art and craft she has been dedicated in refining policies and programs to ensure that the learning environment is more interactive and creative for children’s. As a person she is always been inclined towards doing something that helps the society in some way or the other.


Banashankari 2nd Stage

Vasundara Hegde

  • Coordinator - BSK 2nd Stage Vasundara Hegde, is a Diploma in Nursery Education from Bharat Sevak Samaj. Has around 10+years’ experience in working with children to enhance and upgrade their skills. She is a very proactive and enterprising person. She believes that children are visual learners and takes personal interest in planning the school decor and bulletin boards of the schools to make it look more colorful and interesting.

Our Address

No.1774, 15th Main Raod, Banashankari 2nd Stage, Near Meghana and Shalini Apartment Bangalore - 560070