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Frequently Asked Question

What are the benefits of associating with Little Elly?

  • For the child
    Little Elly’s curriculum is designed on the desired outcomes of preschool education principles of Maria Montessori and Rudolf Steiner (also known as Waldorf method). These methodologies are considered to be some of the leading education progams in the world. We are one of the few preschools that integrate the curriculum with our multimedia Early Learning Program.
  • For the parents
    Little Elly’s parental involvement is positive, practical and personal. With our guidance and support, parents are able to ease their child into his/her first school experience. We go an extra mile to give each child and the family the opportunity to contribute to the preschool program through participation and sharing of skills. • Structured curriculum and ongoing support • Marketing support • Ongoing operational support • Research and development
  • For the faculty and staff
    Little Elly helps teachers and staff to discover the joy of being with children and exploring fresh, fun and easy teaching techniques. We have the Initial Teacher’s Training program for all teachers.
  • For the neighborhood
    Little Elly has an outstanding track record with more than 120+ centers across India, present in 6 states. It works on the concept of a neighbourhood pre-school so that a young child does not have to travel long distances for a good, happy and fun education.
  • For the franchisee
    Owning a Little Elly franchise means you can enjoy the freedom and flexibility of running your own pre-school while enjoying the extensive support of a strong, recognized brand every step of the way. We work together to build our brand further and deliver the best. This distinction sets us apart from others.
  • Why is pre-school education important?
    • Research and in-depth studies have proven that the first five years of childhood are the most formative.
    • Incredible learning and vital mental and cognitive growth occurs during this period.
    • Children who attend pre-schools are academically, socially and emotionally better prepared to start their journey in main stream schools than those who have never been to one.
  • Why is Little Elly the best choice for pre-school?
    • Little Elly is built around the strong belief that the childhood of a little one is precious.
    • We believe that learning is a continuous and lifelong process.
    • In our learning space, eEvery child achieves learning at his or her own pace.
    • We respect the fact that the child’s ability to learn and grow is unique and special.
    • We ensure that we provide each child with proper guidance to grow in his/her own way, in a mutually accepting and nurturing setting.
    • In the Little Elly environment , each child is guided into building a strong foundation of knowledge and skills.
    • We believe in making teaching and learning a harmonious process.
    • Our programs are tailored to foster every child’s social, aesthetic and motor skills.
    • We develop age-appropriate activity based learning for the child’s all round development.
    • Our stimulating combination of academic, artistic and practical activities, scaffolded by a caring framework, ensures that the child learns without actually being aware of the coaching process.
    • We share the responsibility with parents, in equipping the young citizens of the country with optimum values.
  • What are the facilities at Little Elly?
    • Indoor and outdoor play areas
    • Sand Pit
    • Stage for music and movement
    • Themed classrooms
    • Montessori space
    • Creative corner
    • Early Learning Program (ELP) room
    • Reading room
    • Neat and child-safe pantry
    • Clean toilets
    • CCTV cameras
    • Daycare facility (optional)
    • Transport facility (optional)
    • Holiday camps (optional)
  • What is the faculty of Little Elly, like?
    • The teaching, non-teaching and administrative staff of Little Elly are key to its success.They are greatly valued and honoured.They play a very important role in the lives of every child who experiences Little Elly.
    • Irrespective of the qualifications that old and new teaching and administrative staff bring on board, it is mandatory for all to undergo the in-house training at the Little Elly Head Office, at the start of the academic year.
    • Other developmental opportunities, trainings and workshops are arranged for the staff all through the year.
    • Non-teaching staff are trained and supervised by the centre co-ordinators and heads.
    • All staff are continually motivated, appreciated and rewarded to put in their best in the rich, stimulating and enjoyable work environment at Little Elly.
  • In the personal and social development domain, by the end of the preschool years, the child will:
    • Demonstrate a sense of self as a learner;
    • Demonstrate a sense of responsibility to oneself and others; and
    • Demonstrate effective functioning, individually and as the member of a group
  • In the physical development domain, by the end of preschool years, the child will :
    • Demonstrate control, balance, strength and coordination in gross motor tasks;
    • Demonstrate coordination and strength in fine motor tasks;
    • Participate in healthy physical activity; and
    • Practice appropriate eating habits, hygiene and self-help skills
  • In the cognitive development domain, by the end of preschool years, the child will :
    • Demonstrate the ability to think, reason, question and remember;
    • Engage in problem solving;
    • Use language to communicate, convey and interpret meaning; and
    • Establish contacts with an understanding of the physical and social world
  • In the creative expression/aesthetic development domain, by the end of preschool years, the child will :
    • Use art forms as an instrument for creative expression and representation; and
    • Develop an appreciation for various forms of art
  • What are the programs at Little Elly?
    Little Elly runs the following programs :
    • Toddler program for 1+ year olds
    • Playgroup program for 2+ year olds
    • Nursery for 3+ year olds
    • Lower Kindergarten for 4+ year olds
    • Upper Kindergarten for 5+ year olds