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“Little Elly”, is considered the best preschool in Bagalkot, offers amazing early education programs to children between the ages of 2-5 years. “Little Elly’s” award winning curriculum offers multi sensory early learning program and a blended teaching methodology helps each child flourish at his/her own pace in a safe, supportive and enriching environment.

Centre Head

Shivangi Singh

Shivangi Singh holds an MBA degree in International Business in HR and B.ed. While Shivangi started her career as an air hostess, her love for educating kids especially in remote places drive her to the teaching profession. Shivangi has worked as a teacher for preschool and primary school kids in a few schools. While teaching gave her a lot of satisfaction she always felt that the foundation in North Karnataka schools lacked quality. Being mother of two young boys, her fears and understanding were reconfirmed when they started going to school. She started thinking how it can be made better and evaluated the syllabus of many of the professional chain of preschools and finally decided to set up Little Elly preschool in Bagalkot looking at their excellent curriculum and fantastic support from the founders and the staff. Little Elly matched her vision to providing quality education like some of the best preschools in metros at affordable fees. She is passionate about education, working with kids, understanding their needs and continuously improving it. She understands what exactly the kids in this region need, being mother of two young boys. Shivangi is a creative person who has a lot of interest in arts and crafts, live music and also loves to travel.

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Little Elly?

A world of Endless Possibilities
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The significance of providing stimulation during the early years of a child's life is sometimes significantly undervalued. This is when your child is most receptive and malleable, with their brain developing over 90%. This period is marked by a continuous evolution of intellectual curiosity, rendering it the most influential and defining phase in your child's life.
Why choose Little Elly??
Why choose Little Elly?? gift
At Little Elly, we are committed to equipping each child with a safe and engaging preschool environment to explore and thrive during these crucial years. Our preschool curriculum is designed to address the specific needs of each child given the substantial mental and cognitive growth at this stage. Little Elly’s well-structured Toddler, Pre-nursery, Nursery and Kindergarten programs enhance children's emotional, intellectual, and aesthetic capabilities that cater to their specific needs.


A whole new world created for your child.

Elly is not your ordinary preschool mascot. She is lovable, friendly, and embodies all the qualities we want our children to embrace; kindness, curiosity, and a warm heart. Elly is more than just a character; she’s a teacher, a friend, and a source of endless wonder for our children.

Little Elly’s nurturing environment creates a happy home away from home for your child where they are not just taking their first step towards school but are becoming a part of our magical world. As they explore the captivating journeys of the 'Elly World' and the enchanting 'Natterjack Forest', they are encouraged to engage in “LOOK, READ, MAKE, and DO” activities with Olly & Elly. Our offerings further enhance this immersive experience, ensuring that your child's early years are filled with joy, learning, and meaningful connections.







Little Elly Character, Elly
Little Elly Character, Elly
Little Elly Character, Olly
Little Elly Character, Molly
Little Elly Character, Ria
Little Elly Character, Arya



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A child's inherent intelligence isn't determined by the number of brain cells they're born with, but rather by the connections formed between those cells. These connections, crucial for cognitive development, are cultivated through the experiences and stimuli provided in the early years.

The H.A.P.P.Y curriculum takes a unique approach to nurturing these connections by creating a diverse and engaging environment that stimulates various aspects of a child's brain. It is a handpicked blend of renowned educational methodologies and incorporates diverse perspectives and methodologies. Caregivers and educators provide  multifaceted environment that encourages exploration, critical thinking, and curiosity, laying the groundwork for a child's holistic development.




Acute Senses


Practical Life Skills


Purposeful Fun


Yay! Approach

Yay! Approach
The primary focus of the curriculum is to stimulate your child's mental development. We place significant emphasis on addressing the crucial issue of proper nutrition for children through regularly updated booklets and other resources.
A child learns through his five acute senses. So, it is vital to build strong senses to enable him to learn successfully. The H.A.P.P.Y curriculum includes eye–tracking skills, early musical skills, listening skills, and physical “motor skills” such as finger and thumb control.
Teaching practical life skills to children is crucial for their holistic development and the cultivation of independence. These skills equip children with essential abilities for daily living and create the groundwork for lifelong learning and success.
The H.A.P.P.Y Curriculum is centred around engaging games and activities, each designed with a specific purpose. While these activities are enjoyable, they play a crucial role in fostering a child's physical, emotional, or intellectual development.
The H.A.P.P.Y curriculum embraces the infectious enthusiasm of young learners who approach each day with excitement and eagerness to explore and achieve. We aim to ignite and nurture this natural curiosity by creating a vibrant atmosphere of enthusiasm that fuels their learning and development during these crucial early years of childhood.

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