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Curriculum Fueled by Inquiry, Enriched by Exploration

Aspiring for Excellence

Little Elly's educational philosophy, shaped by MDN Edify Education, centers on Inquiry-Based Learning, nurturing progressive thinking and curiosity. Our 3C policy emphasizes character, competence, and content, offering interactive and integrated learning experiences. Our pedagogical approach prioritizes student-centered learning, incorporating diverse teaching strategies like QAXP and RAFT.
Why choose Little Elly??

Academic Overview

Embracing the NEP 2020 framework, our school offers a comprehensive academic journey spanning Early Years to Secondary, with specialized training for competitive exams.

Aligned with NEP 2020
K.G - Grade XII

IIT-JEE Training

Grade VI - XII

NEET Training

Grade VI - XII
Elementary (IK1-IK3)

Elementary (IK1-IK3)

Little Elly International Kindergarten Program encourages creativity and teamwork through innovative programs. We empower children to communicate effectively, and try new things.
Wonder Room: Kids engage in hands-on activities, role-playing and math challenges guided by interactive learning.
Storytelling: Exciting sessions featuring picture-books, props and lively puppets to inspire creativity in kids.
Jungle Gym: A play area with slides, walkways, tunnels, and climbing walls offering various levels of challenge for children.

Primary School Program (Grades 1-5)

The Primary School Program fosters reflective thinking, equipping students to tackle real-world challenges. Through a trans-disciplinary approach, they master language skills for effective communication and critical analysis.
Math Marvels: Students emerge fluent in everyday computations, spatial lingo, data handling, pattern spotting, and more!
Personalised Progress: Activities that aim to develop motor skills, independent decision-making and vibrant social interactions!
Collaborative Learning: Students learn through keen observation, lively discussions and experimentation, fostering a sense of teamwork.
Primary School Program (Grades 1-5)
Middle School Program (Grades 6-8)

Middle School Program (Grades 6-8)

The Middle School Program nurtures critical thinking and ethical decision-making. Students develop abstract reasoning and gain a well-rounded perspective through diverse subjects.
DEAR Program: Fostering a love for good books, nurturing young minds with age-appropriate, thought-provoking reading materials.
Career Counselling: In-house career counselors nurture students' interests and aptitudes for informed decisions on higher education and careers.
Ethical Mastery: Nurture a student's mind to think critically, cultivate reasoning skills, encourage decision-making, and uphold moral values.

Senior Program (Grades 9-12)

Building on the foundations laid in Middle School, our Senior Program cultivates critical thinking and goal-setting. Students engage with diverse subjects, gaining a holistic perspective and preparing them for real-world challenges with reflective thinking and language mastery.
Comprehensive Development: Little Elly's program enhances reasoning, fact discernment, abstract thinking, goal-setting, decision making, and moral understanding.
Interdisciplinary Curriculum: Emphasizes connecting disciplines for multi-dimensional thinking, involving observation, research, hypothesis testing, and social relevance.
Holistic Growth Programs: Includes sports, arts, community service, reading, language learning, personality development, and career counseling, with university placement support.
Non-Verbal Skills and Emotional Support: Incorporates dance, art, and music for non-verbal expression, supplemented by psychological support for emotional well-being.
Senior Program (Grades 9-12)


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