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CAIE Curriculum

The Cambridge Advantage: Pioneering Learning for the Global Stage

Empowering Inquisitive Minds

Cambridge Assessment International Education prepares students for life, fostering an informed curiosity and a lasting passion for learning. As part of the University of Cambridge, we ensure our international qualifications are recognised by the world’s leading universities and employers, thereby offering students a vast array of options in their education and careers. We are committed to devoting our resources to deliver high-quality educational programs that unlock learners' potential.
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Cambridge Primary

Cambridge Primary

Cambridge Primary offers a robust start for 5 to 11-year-olds, building a strong academic foundation in English, Math, and Science. It's tailored to fit every learning environment, fostering a well-rounded education and preparing children for the next educational step with clear goals and essential skills development. The combination of the subjects available are:
Cambridge Primary Art and Design (0067)
Cambridge Primary Digital Literacy (0072)
Cambridge Primary English (0844)
Cambridge Primary Global Perspectives (0838)
Cambridge Primary Mathematics (0845)
Cambridge Primary Music (0068)
Cambridge Primary Physical Education (0069)
Cambridge Primary Science (0846)

Cambridge Lower Secondary

Cambridge Lower Secondary caters to 11 to 14-year-olds, setting the stage for future academic success. It offers a diverse curriculum with subjects like English, Math, and Science, aimed at nurturing creativity and overall wellbeing. This stage ensures a smooth transition to higher education, shaping confident and well-prepared learners. Subjects offered are:
Cambridge Lower Secondary Art & Design (0073)
Cambridge Lower Secondary Digital Literacy (0082)
Cambridge Lower Secondary English (1111/0861)
Cambridge Lower Secondary Global Perspectives (1129)
Cambridge Lower Secondary Mathematics (1112/0862)
Cambridge Lower Secondary Music (0078)
Cambridge Lower Secondary Physical Education (0081)
Cambridge Lower Secondary Science (1113/0893)
Cambridge  Lower Secondary


Cambridge IGCSE provides a flexible program with over 70 subjects, including 30 languages, tailored to various abilities and needs. It emphasises core subjects, creative thinking, and problem-solving, preparing students excellently for advanced studies. Cambridge IGCSE develops a learner’s knowledge, understanding and skills in:
Subject content
Applying knowledge and understanding to new as well as familiar situations
Intellectual enquiry
Flexibility and responsiveness to change
Working and communicating in English
Influencing outcomes
Cultural awareness

A Level

Cambridge International offers flexible A Level programs where students pick from 55 subjects to tailor their education. They can focus on one area or mix subjects over two years, with a one-year AS Level option available. This approach prepares students for university, and is globally recognised. Cambridge International AS & A Level is beneficial for:
Deep subject knowledge
Independent and logical thinking
Application of knowledge to various situations
Analysis and evaluation of information
Constructing coherent arguments and making decisions
Clear communication of explanations, implications, and judgements in English
A  Level


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