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Welcome to Little Elly

Welcome to our little world of joy; now in Kochi. Little Elly preschool has begun operations in Kerala and we soon hope to be in the list of top preschool brands who offer a holistic preschool experience for your child.

With an award winning curriculum , unique concept areas and a stimulating Multi-sensory Early Learning program, Little Elly hopes to be featured among top 10 preschool brands in Kerala. Little Elly offers programs for children in the age group 2 to 5 years. We offer an educationally enriching and developmentally appropriate environment for your child.

About Little Elly

Little Elly is Amongst the Top 10 Preschool chains in the country with a presence across 7 states,15 major cities, 100+ preschools and 8000+ students and overseas footprints in Seattle, USA and Kathmandu, Nepal.

Little Elly is the flagship brand of a successful, recognized and respected organization in the educationarena called Learning Edge India Pvt. Ltd. We aim to be Kerala’s best playschool, welcoming your children into a safe, secure and warm early learning space.

Our Programs




Early Learning Program - helps child to listen, communicate, hold conversations

Our daily activities promote brain stimulation through hands on learning. Before you know it, your shy toddler will make new friends and learn social skills. The positive involvement & modeling of the teacher will kick start the child’s developmental journey.

The nursery program offers a blended curriculum to facilitate right and left brain activities. Concepts taught through a variety of teaching aids and a positive peer influence sets a solid foundation for future development in your child.




Nurtures creativity, builds curiosity


Junior and Senior Kindergarten

Junior and Senior Kindergarten

Encourages to ask questions, seek answers, solve problems, interaction

Our strong and proven curriculum prepares your child for a successful transition into formal school.
Our low teacher ratios provide optimal learning opportunities & small class size allows for focusedattention.


Contact us, or better yet, drop in with an appointment – we’d love to show you around – and you will see why we are leaders in Kerala.

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