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Best Preschool In Coimbatore

Looking for a quality preschool for your child in Coimbatore? Little Elly is now at 3 locations in the city. Little Elly is Coimbatore’s most admired preschool with a presence in 130 locations across the country. We focus on educating each child as a whole — intellectually, socially, emotionally, and physically. Our programs are tailor-made for children between 2-5. With an award-winning curriculum and blended methodology (Montessori & Waldorf), Little Elly is the perfect choice for a premium preschool in Coimbatore. It is our endeavor to provide a safe, warm, and creative space for children of preschool age. Come and be a part of the top 10 preschools in Coimbatore.

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Little Elly: The Concept preschool was founded in 2004 and has provided a quality, affordable preschool program. Little Elly is unique because it was founded by parents who have lived through the trials and tribulations of searching for a preschool that takes early education seriously. Our loving and nurturing atmosphere promotes optimal physical, social, emotional and cognitive development and progress for your child. We believe in quality teacher interaction, age appropriate play, exploration of self-selected activities, and hands on learning in a nurturing and loving environment. Little Elly is amongst the best preschools in Bangalore present in 85 plus locations.

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What can you expect when you send your child to Little Elly?


Unique Concept areas, a Multi-sensory early learning program and a blended methodology of Montessori & Waldorf makes Little Elly the best choice for a preschool. You can expect an environment that supports a child’s love of learning while providing a nurturing and engaging place for the child to develop the confidence, self-expression, and skills needed to support them in mainstream school and in life. Come be a part of our little world of joy; be a part of Bangalore’s top preschool chain.

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OUR Programs

We are India’s leading preschool brand with the prime focus of transforming the nature of learning in an early childhood environment.


A program designed to introduce you child to a home away from home. It is a developmentally designed head start program where the child refines his motorskills, language & communication.

Early Learning Program I / Playgroup 1.5 Years+

A 3 hour program designed to jumpstart the child’s developmental journey.

Early Learning Program II / Nursery 2.5 Years+

The nursery program lays the foundation for a wide range of learning areas that is taught through innovative learning & play.

Focussed Learning Program I (LKG) and II (UKG) 3.5 Years+

The LKG & UKG programs provide opportunities to the child to express himself..

Holiday Camp 2-10 Years

Little Elly Holiday camps provide children a balance of fun & learning. They keep the children constructively and meaningfully occupied during the holiday breaks from school.

Elly Club

Elly club provides fun, creative and unique after school activities for children.The program aims to have structured after school activities that will provide value to children.


Our Address

Learning Edge India Pvt Ltd,

#2, Honeydew Mansion, Above Pizza Hut, Near BDA Complex, HSR Layout, 7th sector, Bangalore  560102.

Email: help@littleelly.com
Tel: 080 – 48535968 / 48535969

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