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Assessment at Little Elly

Measuring Progress, Empowering Growth
Assessing for  Progress

Assessing for Progress

Assessment at Little Elly is a daily process that checks how well students grasp the intended material. Recognising that each student learns differently and at their own pace, we use various assessment methods. The outcomes of these assessments are vital as they help teachers make informed decisions and steer student learning effectively.
Summative Assessments are designed to clearly show what students have learned. They mark the end of a learning period, giving students a chance to showcase their understanding and progress.
Formative Assessment guides learning by offering regular feedback, helping students understand their strengths, improve skills, and achieve success with clear targets.

Pathways to Excellence

At Little Elly, our teaching methods are carefully designed to meet each child's unique learning style. We employ diverse and dynamic strategies to ensure comprehensive understanding and skill development.
Observations: Our teachers pay close attention to each student, monitoring their individual and group interactions to personalize their learning journey.
Performance Assessments: We challenge students with real-world tasks that call for a mix of knowledge and skills, mirroring the complex issues adults often face, to apply learning creatively and thoughtfully.
Open-Ended Assessments: Students tackle difficult tasks that require original, innovative solutions, enhancing their problem-solving skills.
Selected Response Assessments (Tests/Quizzes): These assessments quickly gauge a student's understanding of specific subjects at a particular moment.
Portfolios: We compile a dynamic collection of student work that showcases their academic growth, creative achievements, and reflective learning over time.
Pathways  to Excellence
Cambridge Assessment

Cambridge Assessment

Cambridge Assessment empowers our school to measure each student's progress, tailoring learning to their unique strengths and needs. It offers a clear view of each learner's abilities, guiding our teaching to support their educational journey effectively. Through comprehensive testing and regular feedback, we ensure every child is on a path to achieving their full potential.
Tailored assessments to track and support individual learning progress
Benchmarks student performance against international standards
Focused interventions to enhance learning in areas needing improvement
Continuous feedback to encourage student reflection and growth


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