About Us

About Little Elly

Little Elly is the flagship brand of Learning Edge India Pvt. Ltd, a company synonymous with education in Bangalore. Little Elly is recognised as a developmentally enriching learning space, making learning fun for 2 to 5 year olds

Little Elly Preschool was founded and established in 2004-05 by Mr. Vittal and Mrs. Preeti Bhandary. Combining the rich experience of their career as a kindergarten teacher with their love for teaching in innovative and unique ways, Mrs. Preeti set out to start Little Elly. From that small Preschool in 2004-05, the preschools have now grown in leaps and bounds to include close to 120+ centers all over India, and overseas footprints in Seattle, USA. and Kathmandu, Nepal.


Little Elly is built around the strong belief that the childhood of a little one is precious.
The first five years of childhood are the most formative, and Incredible learning and vital mental and cognitive development occurs during this period.
Our programs are tailormade to foster every child’s Emotional, Intellectual and Aesthetic quotient.

Our Vision

We see ourselves as the trendsetter and path paver in early childhood education in the country. We believe that learning is a continuous and lifelong process. Our vision is to provide each child with proper guidance to grow in his/her own way, in a mutually accepting and nurturing environment. We believe in making teaching and learning a harmonious process. Our stimulating combination of academic, artistic and practical activities, scaffolded by a caring framework, ensures that the child enjoys the learning process. Our parent community shares our vision of equipping the young citizens of the country with self-confidence, compassion and a value system to be proud of.

Our Mission

To create an institution which fosters strong skills and everlasting passion for learning as the child grows and imbibes in a dynamic and challenging environment.

Origin & History

It is the aim of every parent to find the right school for their child, one that takes care of his learning, equips him with life skills as well as helps in his overall development.
Several years ago, it was this same desire that propelled Mrs. Preeti Bhandary to look around their neighbourhood for an “outstanding pre-school” to enrol their child in. She came across many good schools, each offering something unique to the child. Yet, what was missing was a good school that gave their child EVERYTHING that the little one needed for their all round development.

As with any parent, she wanted nothing but the best for their child. Their aspiration to fulfil that dream led their to initiate one of the most respected group of institutions in India, a pioneer in early childhood education and care – the Little Elly chain of pre-schools. Every year, about 8000 plus happy preschoolers pass out of Little Elly, based on the confidence, credence and conviction of the Little Elly philosophy.
Little Elly continues to grow every day, enriching the lives of preschoolers in various parts of the country. They are striving to create an institution which fosters strong skills and an everlasting passion for learning as the child grows and is ready to take on the challenges of grade school.

Director's Message

Mr. Vittal Bhandary

Vittal believes strongly in nurturing meaningful values in children through a conscious, harmonious and fun-filled early childhood education system. With that discernment and passion, he created the Little Elly chain of preschools. Vittal, along with his team of accomplished professionals has spent twenty five years of relentless focus and concerted effort in the early learning space in India. He has a profound understanding of the dynamics and diverse aspects of early childhood education and care. The vast and ever-growing number of preschools and childcare environments operating under the Little Elly brand bear testimony to this fact.

Today Mr.Vittal leads a successful, recognized and respected brand and organization in the education arena called Learning Edge India Pvt. Ltd.

Vittal’s enterprising ideas, perseverance and steadfast belief in this concept, has led to successful diversifications of the business into Glentree Academy : K-10 CBSE Schools in three locations in Bangalore: Whitefield, Sarjapura and Kanakapura Road. A teacher training Academy : LETTER ,Elly Child Care: offering a structured childcare program for the corporate sector. He has also contributed in areas of children’s publications, creation of learning aids and providing pedagogic support, early schooling, daycare and corporate affiliate programs.

(Founder & Managing Director)

(Co-Founder & Curriculum Director)

Mrs. Preeti Bhandary

Preeti is a veteran educationist and an entrepreneur. She has over 18 years of experience in early childhood education and care. Their views on working with young minds are profound, progressive and dynamic. To Preeti, each child is an individual who needs to be nurtured and cared for.

She is passionate about unearthing and cultivating a child’s potential through creative, stimulating and exclusive channels. She has spent a large part of their career evolving unrivaled curriculums to foster the individual needs of a child to mold him/her into an unique individual. In this way, she has guided the development of thousands of children with distinguished determination and effectuation. Their eminent standards of excellence have ensured that Little Elly is graded among the best in pre-schools in India.

Preeti is also highly respected and regarded in the industry for being a patient and encouraging mentor to those who share their insight of the vision, mission and philosophy of Little Elly.


Indian Education Award 2015

  • Innovation In Early Learning/ Child Development
The award recognizes early learning schools that have implemented programs/curriculum to advance quality early educational opportunities for children.

Top 100 Franchise in India

  • 2014 & 2015
This award is to honor the achievements and the entrepreneurial spirit of Indian franchisors.

Silicon India 2014

  • Top 5 Most Promising Preschool In India
This award is in recognition for exemplary contribution that has enhanced student learning and achievement.

Indian Education Award 2014

  • Best Preschool in South
The award aims to recognize a regional pre-school chain for incorporating outstanding quality in education delivery, childcare and hygiene.

The Franchise World 2012 and 2013

  • Top 100 franchisee preschools in India
The award aims to recognize achievers and innovators who have contributed significantly towards the excellence and development of the education sector.

Silicon India 2012

  • op 10 Preschools In India
The award recognizes the most sought after preschool in India. It recognizes the preschool that has incorporated outstanding education quality.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.

-Nelson Mandela

One of the most noteworthy values of social progress is education. This also plays a pivotal role for a society to achieve competency and equal development. Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is a form of corporate self-regulation integrated into business models. Little Elly leads its CSR initiative through the school project “Priyadarshini” in Bangalore. The aim of this project is to improve the quality of education in rural schools in Bangalore. The Little Elly corporate arranges teacher training and delivers curriculum for quality enhancement of education in the targeted rural schools. As part of the project, a curriculum based on textbook syllabus has been developed. The aim is to help the vulnerable and disadvantaged children at these schools acquire fundamental skills that are required for success in today’s world.