The Early Learning Program helps with language and literacy. It encourages the child to :
  • Communicate his/her experiences, ideas and feelings by speaking.
  • Listen with understanding, follow directions, conversations and stories.
  • Exhibit interest in reading.
    The motor skills room provides the child with opportunities to :
  • Exhibit curiosity, creativity, self direction and persistence in learning situations.
  • Engage in activities that he/she selects or creates
  • Demonstrate self direction in use of materials
  • Make independent decisions about what materials to work with and will get and use the materials he/she needs.
    The art corner and stage area provide the child with opportunities to :
  • Exhibit curiosity and explore functioning of materials.
  • Create (imagine, experiment, plan, make, evaluate, refine and present/exhibit) works that express or represent experiences, ideas, feelings and fantasy using various media.
  • Represent fantasy and real-life experiences through pretend play.
  • Engage in musical and creative movement activities.
  • Describe or respond to his/her own creative work or that of others.
    The classroom discussions on various topics and themes help the child to :
  • Express wonder, ask questions and seek answers about the natural world.
  • Recognize and solve problems through active exploration, including trial and error and interacting with peers and adults.
  • Organize and express his/her understanding of common properties and attributes of things.
    The outdoor play area gives the child opportunities to :
  • Engage in a wide variety of gross-motor activities that are selected by him/her and initiated by the teacher.
  • Use a variety of materials that promote eye-hand coordination and small-muscle development.
  • Demonstrate spatial awareness in gross-motor activities.