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Outdoor Play Areas
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Stage for Music and Movement
Themed Classrooms
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About Us

Little Elly is a most admired & internationally renowned concept Pre-School, educating children from 1 - 6 years and facilitating the process of creating genuine love & care for learning in each child. We have become most admired neighborhood preschool in the education industry since the last 11 years. Innovation, Care, Love and creativity have always been the driving factors for our growth.

At little Elly, the teaching of concepts are formulated through activities, songs and games and a variety of hands on experience through which the child can explore and learn about the world around them.

Why Little Elly for Your Child?

1. Most Admired & Favorite Pre-School since 2004.

2. Provide high quality education for children in their early growth stage yields significant long term benefits.

3. Well trained teachers who understand your child’s needs.

4. We promotes social & emotional development.

5. We guide children to gain independence, self esteem and self confidence, empowering their learning.

6. We nurture a child’s curiosity & boost math and Literacy Skills.

7. We help to develop motor skills.

8. We empower children to think, explore, question, wonder and learn how to learn & many more...

Advantages with Little Elly Schools?

1. Fastest & Most Admired Growing Chain of Pre-School.

2. Dedicated & Well Trained Faculty.

3. Multiple franchise is not given in a particular area.

4. 150+ Centers across India

5. International level of toys, books, activities and games.

6. Safe, Fun, Hygienic & Child Friendly Environment.

6. Child-centric & Age-Appropriate curriculum in association with Glen Tree, UK.

6. Unique innovative, international curriculum & affiliate program.

The Concept & Preschool Program

The preschool attaches great importance to early childhood education, awareness and trust. Little elly program educates children of 1 year to kindergarten with the use of multi-age curriculum to guid the child throughout the preschool years.

Safe & Clean Environment

At Little Elly, we provide a safe and child friendly environment to accept the child the way he/she is. In short they will feel it’s the home away from home, a place for them to know their little World.

Our Faculty

The little elly team of well trained teachers are sensitive to your child's needs. We observe and understand each child's need and ability to grasp skills and facilitate the learning process accordingly.

To Get More Info about Admission Procedure